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What We're Looking For From Contributors

At Agents of Change Training, we are committed to providing the highest quality continuing education for Social Workers by focusing on audio, visual, and engaging materials that resonate with our audience of tens of thousands of Social Workers. 

As we continue to grow our platform, we are seeking contributors who share our passion for advancing the social work profession through innovative and interactive educational content. There are several key qualities we are looking for in our continuing education contributors.

1) Expertise and Experience: We value contributors who possess a strong background in the field of Social Work, with extensive knowledge and experience in their specific areas of expertise. This can include a variety of domains, such as mental health, child welfare, community organization, policy advocacy, or research, among others. Our goal is to provide well-rounded and diverse content that can cater to the unique needs of Social Workers across various sectors and in various stages of their careers.

2) Innovative Teaching Methods: We believe that effective learning occurs when participants are actively engaged with the content. Therefore, we are looking for contributors who can develop creative, interactive, and learner-centered courses that utilize audio, visual, and other engaging materials to enhance the learning experience. This may include the use of videos, podcasts, interactive quizzes, case studies, role-plays, or other creative formats that encourage student attention and knowledge retention.

3) Cultural Competence and Inclusivity: We recognize the critical importance of cultural competence and inclusivity in Social Work practice. As such, we are seeking contributors who can create content that is sensitive to and respectful of diverse populations, while also addressing the unique challenges faced by various communities. We value courses that not only enhance participants’ understanding of different cultural contexts, but also equip them with practical skills to work effectively with diverse clients.

4) Commitment to Professional Growth: We are looking for contributors who are dedicated to promoting ongoing professional development in the field of Social Work. Our ideal instructors possess a deep understanding of current trends, best practices, and emerging issues in the profession, and will be committed to creating content that is both relevant and up-to-date. By staying up-to-date on industry advancements, our contributors can ensure that our course offerings remain cutting-edge and valuable for social workers seeking to enhance their skills.

By bringing together a team of knowledgeable, creative, and culturally competent contributors, Agents of Change Training aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging continuing education experience for Social Workers. We are excited to collaborate with professionals who share our vision for excellence and innovation in continuing education, and we look forward to creating a lasting impact on the social work community together!

The Benefits for Contributors

We are dedicated to creating a rewarding experience for our continuing education contributors. We believe that by collaborating with knowledgeable and passionate professionals, we can provide exceptional learning opportunities for social workers. As a contributor, you can expect to gain several key benefits from partnering with our platform:

  1. Financial Compensation: Your expertise and time are valuable, and we are committed to providing fair financial compensation for your contributions. Our compensation model is based on the length of your course and the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) students can earn after completing it.

  2. Professional Exposure and Networking: Becoming a continuing education contributor for Agents of Change Training provides you the opportunity to showcase your expertise and increase your professional visibility within the Social Work community. Our platform reaches a wide audience of Social Workers across various sectors, allowing you to connect with other professionals and expand your network. By sharing your knowledge, experience, and insights, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and open up new opportunities for collaboration, consultation, or speaking engagements.

  3. Personal and Professional Growth: Contributing to Agents of Change Training allows you to refine your own skills, knowledge, and expertise as you create engaging and informative content. As you engage with the Social Work community through our platform, you can gain valuable feedback and insights from fellow professionals, helping you to enhance your teaching methods and further develop your expertise.


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