Crisis-Focused Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers

Crisis-Focused Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers

Navigating the tumultuous nature of our modern world as a Social Worker is no easy feat. As challenges arise, from public health crises to deep-rooted societal issues, the demand for professionals equipped with the right skills and knowledge is more significant than ever.

This blog post dives deep into specialized courses offered by Agents of Change Continuing Education, a platform that’s pioneering the way for Social Workers to stay updated, adaptable, and most importantly, effective in their ever-evolving roles.

Did you know? Agents of Change Continuing Education offers Unlimited Access to 150+ CE courses for one low annual fee to meet your state’s requirements for Continuing Education credits.

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1) Unpacking the Crisis Toolkit: Courses Offered by Agents of Change

Whether it’s the legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of telehealth, or the deep-seated societal issues, Agents of Change Continuing Education is on top of it all. Check out these impactful courses tailored just for you:

  1. Treating Essential Workers During COVID-19
    • Explore the unique challenges faced by the heroes of our time – the essential workers who battled it out during the pandemic.
    • Learn more here!
  2. Mass Violence in America: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions
    • Diving deep into the heart of America, this course uncovers the complex interplay between mental illness and mass violence.
    • Learn more here!
  3. Beyond the Blues: Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
    • Calling out to all the wonder women – this course sheds light on the often overlooked mental health struggles during and after pregnancy.
    • Learn more here!
  4. Somatic Therapeutic Tools: Unlocking the Neurobiology of Trauma
    • Our bodies hold secrets, and this course is all about decoding them! Explore holistic therapies that focus on mental, physical, and emotional healing, especially in the aftermath of trauma.
    • Learn more here!
  5. Risk Assessment and Crisis Intervention for Youth in a Time of Telehealth
    • Virtual platforms are the new normal, and this course guides you through the maze of online risk assessments for our young ones.
    • Learn more here!
  6. Lessons Learned Conducting Dialectical Behavior Therapy Via Telehealth in the Age of COVID-19
    • This course explores the hurdles and solutions of DBT in the digital age.
    • Learn more here!
  7. Legacy of Trauma: The African American Experience
    • Historical traumas have a way of echoing into the present. This insightful course explores the intersection of intergenerational traumas and the social service systems.
    • Learn more here!
  8. Investigating the Efficacy and Experiences With Narrative Exposure Therapy in Severe Mentally Ill Patients
    • Narrative Exposure Therapy: Dive into its efficacy, especially for those battling repeated traumas and PTSD.
    • Learn more here!
  9. Conducting Risk and Safety Assessments
    • Risk assessment is incredibly important. Master the art of identifying, communicating, and strategizing with this comprehensive course.
    • Learn more here!

Agents of Change Continuing Education offers Unlimited Access to 150+ CE courses for one low annual fee to meet your state’s requirements for Continuing Education credits.

2) The Importance of Crisis-Focused Continuing Education for Social Workers

Understanding Modern Crises

  • Provides a comprehensive look at the intricacies of today’s challenges.
  • Equips Social Workers to navigate issues from the COVID-19 mental health aftermath to deep-rooted societal traumas.
  • Prioritizes actionable insights for real-time application.

Staying Updated with the Latest Techniques and Technology

  • Keeps professionals at the cutting edge of research and methods.
  • Ensures care provided is rooted in the latest scientific understanding.
  • Promotes evidence-based strategies for effective interventions.

Building Resilience in Social Workers

  • Offers tools and strategies to manage the emotional toll of crisis scenarios.
  • Bolsters mental well-being, ensuring professionals can serve without burnout.
  • Recognizes the dual importance of caring for clients and self.

3) FAQs – Crisis CEUs for Social Workers

Q: How do these courses differ from traditional Social Work training?

A: Traditional Social Work training lays the foundation, covering broad topics and general practices. Crisis-focused continuing education, on the other hand, delves into the specificities of contemporary challenges.

It provides a more specialized, in-depth understanding of current crises, the evolving dynamics of societal issues, and the latest methodologies to address them. It’s like comparing a general medicine practitioner to a specialist; both are essential, but the latter offers expertise in a particular area.

Q: With the ever-evolving nature of crises, how often are these courses updated?

A: The dynamic nature of societal and global challenges necessitates frequent updates. Agents of Change Continuing Education ensures that courses are regularly revised to reflect the latest research, emerging crises, and feedback from professionals in the field. Typically, courses undergo reviews annually, but in the face of significant events or breakthroughs, updates can be more frequent.

Q: Are these crisis-focused courses suitable for all levels of Social Workers, from beginners to veterans?

A: Absolutely! While the depth and specificity of the content make it invaluable for seasoned professionals, the courses are structured to be accessible to beginners as well. Novices can gain advanced insights early in their careers, while veterans can refresh and expand their existing knowledge. The courses aim to enhance the skills of Social Workers across the board, regardless of their experience level.

4) Conclusion

The importance of crisis-focused continuing education for Social Workers is undeniably clear. Beyond professional growth, there’s a deeper, more profound resonance to this form of education. It underscores the commitment of Social Workers to their calling, highlighting their unwavering dedication to bettering lives, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

By investing in their skills and knowledge, they’re reaffirming their pledge to be pillars of support for those in need.

Learn more about Agents of Change Continuing Education. We’ve helped thousands of Social Workers with their Continuing Education and want you to be next!


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About the Instructor, Meagan Mitchell: Meagan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been providing Continuing Education for Social Workers for more than 8 years. From all of this experience helping others pass their exams, she created Agents of Change Continuing Education to help Social Workers stay up-to-date on the latest trends, research, and techniques.

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