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About the Course

This course is designed for social workers who are preparing for the ASWB Masters (LMSW) exam.  The Masters Exam is the same throughout the United States and Canada, however social workers licensed at the Masters level have different licensure acronyms in different states including: LMSW, LGSW, CMSW, CSW, and LSW. Approximately 21,000 social workers take the Masters level exam each year. 

Agents of Change will help you prepare to PASS your licensing exam and level up your career. With over 30 hours of visual and audio content, mock practice questions, test-taking tips, and strategies to break down and synthesize exam content, you will be prepared and confident to tackle your exam on test day!

More than 10,000 Social Workers just like you have used these materials to PASS their Masters licensing exams. Are you ready to be next?

About the Masters (LMSW) Level ASWB Exam

The exam contains 170 multiple-choice questions, with only 150 counting toward your score (20 questions are included by the ASWB for testing). 

You will have four hours to complete the examination, which is administered on a Pearson VUE computer. The test-taker is able to change answers, mark questions for later attention, skip questions, and review questions.

Passing scores vary by exam version, but are between 90 and 107 questions. 

The overall first-attempt pass rate for the Masters Level ASWB exam is 78.5% (ASWB).

Major Exam Topics Include:

  • Human Development, Diversity, and Behavior in the Environment (27%)
  • Assessment and Intervention Planning (24%)
  • Interventions with Clients/Client Systems (24%)
  • Professional Relationships, Values, and Ethics (25%)

Masters Level ASWB Exam Frequently Asked Questions

To take this exam, you need to have a Master's degree in social work. While a Master's degree is not required for all social work, it is necessary if you want to work one-on-one in direct practice with individual clients in most settings, especially any situation in the context of mental health.
We recommend checking your state specific licensing guidelines here:
The first-attempt pass rate for the Masters level exam from 2011-2021 was 78.5%
It's simple! First, apply for a license with the board in your state or province. Next, register and pay for the exam with the ASWB. Finally, schedule your test date with Pearson Vue.
According to the ASWB, the Masters level exam identifies if the candidate has the ability to practice Master's level social work, including the application of specialized knowledge and advanced practice skills.

Masters Exam Resources

Looking to learn more about the ASWB Masters Level exam? With these resources, you’ll be prepared to conquer this exam!

  • Masters of Social Work (LMSW) Overview
    • A great overview of the LMSW credential!
  • How to Get Your LMSW License
    • A social work license is required in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces to practice social work, although jurisdictions vary in the categories of practice they license.

    • Whether you’re fresh out of your degree program, are moving to another state after 10 years of practice, or are planning to practice with clients remotely, you’ll need to apply for a license with the social work board in the state or province where you’ll be practicing.

  • Masters Exam Registration
    • Ready to sign up for your Masters level ASWB exam? Get started here!
    • To register, you must be eligible to take a social work licensing examination. In most jurisdictions you must apply for licensure and pay any required fees to the social work licensing board. The board will notify you of your examination approval.

    • The fee for the Masters exam is currently $230
  • Free Masters (LMSW) Level Exam Questions
    • Test your skills and knowledge with these free Masters level exam questions from Agents of Change!

Agents of Change Masters Level Course Curriculum


Getting Started: Studying for Success

Organization is key! Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to stay motivated in your studying? This session will help participants get organized.

Strategy: Approaching and Examining Practice Questions

In this section, we cover the basics on how to build the critical thinking and breaking down question strategies you'll need to pass the test.

Unit 1: Human Development, Diversity and Behavior

This section will go over the major developmental theories. This includes: Erikson, Piaget and Kohlberg.

Unit 2: Assessment and Intervention Planning

Risk Assessment, Mandated Reporting, DSM 5, Personality Disorders, and Medications are reviewed in this section.

Unit 3: Interventions with Clients and Client Systems

Micro, Mezzo, and Macro. Therapy Theories, Group and Family, and Community Social Work are covered.

Unit 4: Professional Ethics and Ethical Decision Making

Code of Ethics, Ethical Principles, Clincal Supervision, Confidentiality, Subpoenas and Court Orders. Termination.

Practice Questions and Rationales

75 question practice test including answers and detailed rationales. As a bonus, you'll also have access to 4 practice question sets where Meagan walks through the rationales on video.

LIVE Study Group Sessions

2 LIVE Study Groups/Month led by Meagan. You'll also get access to over 15 past study group recordings and materials.

Bonus: Audio Files

All major sections of Agents of Change are available as audio for on the go listening! We support all learning styles.

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Build your test-day confidence with 100's of practice Masters level questions, video walkthroughs, and comprehensive rationales. Agents of Change will help you get comfortable with the language of the exam.

Monthly Study Groups

Each month, you'll be invited to 2 LIVE and interactive study groups on key ASWB topics. This is an added bonus and offers a way to connect with a community of learners. You'll also get access to more than 30 past recorded study groups when you join

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