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Agents of Change Helped Me Pass LCSW, Even With My Significant ADHD

“I just wanted to personally thank you because the curriculum you put together is the reason that I passed my LCSW exam. I am an intelligent woman but have significant ADHD. I was really struggling to study (plus running after a toddler doesn’t help) until I found Agents of Change and it just clicked for my brain! I don’t share my ADHD diagnosis with anyone in my professional circle because despite working with clinicians, people can make terrible judgments and assumptions about my capabilities when I do disclose. But I share it with you now because I want you to know how much of a lifesaver you are. The way you present all the different subjects and categories is so incredibly helpful for anyone with an attentional, memory, or learning disability because of the variety of mediums you utilize. I am so grateful for you and will share with anyone who will listen how amazing and well worth the money and time your program is. Brava!”