How to Track Your Progress and Assess Your Readiness for the ASWB Exam

How to Track Your Progress and Assess Your Readiness for the ASWB Exam

Whether you are a recent graduate or have been working in the field for some time, it is important to have a clear understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement as your prepare for your Bachelors, Masters, or Clinical ASWB exam.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of tracking your progress and assessing your readiness for the ASWB exam. From setting realistic goals to using practice exams, we will provide tips and strategies to help you successfully prepare for and pass the ASWB exam.

How to Effectively Track Your ASWB Studying Progress

Build a Study Plan and Create a Study Calendar

As you begin the study process, you may feel confused — are you studying the right materials? Do you have all of the study resources you may need?

By preparing thoughtfully for your exam studying, you can minimize the chance of last-minute stress and maximize your focus. The Agents of Change program includes a helpful study calendar that you can use to stay on track as you learn the content, take your practice exams, and get closer to your test date.

Review Your Study Materials Using Active Reading Techniques

Purchasing study materials isn’t enough! It’s critical that you review these materials with fidelity and practice Active Reading techniques.

Active Reading involves deeper engagement with the text before, during, and after reading. Active Reading is reading with a purpose, reading with questions in mind, and includes annotating and note-taking as you read.

Learn More about Active Reading in this Blog Post

Take the Agents of Change Practice Exam(s)

All Agents of Change packages include hundreds of practice questions and Agents of Change additionally offers (2) full-length practice exams that you can learn more about here.

Practice exams are a critical part of tracking your progress toward your test day.  For the Agents of Change practice exam, we recommend a score of at least 120 before taking your official ASWB exam.

Review Concepts You Found Challenging

As you take your practice test(s), you will likely realize that you are not as strong or confident in specific areas of the ASWB exam. Note these areas carefully as you take the practice exam(s) and review the questions you answered incorrectly.

Study these sections carefully again and review additional practice questions to strengthen areas you scored more poorly in.

Regularly Attend Study Groups

Study groups are another great way to track your progress! There is a strong sense of accountability when working with other people: you do not want to let your peers down.

Additionally, study groups can be a helpful place to share areas of content that you find more challenging to learn different perspectives on how to master those areas prior to taking the exam.

Learn more about the importance of study groups and how to find a study group in our post here.

Take the ASWB Practice Exam

At Agents of Change, we highly recommend taking the ASWB official practice test and, if more practice questions are desired, purchasing the Apgar Book.

How did your score on the ASWB practice exam compare with prior practice exams? Has it improved or is it similar? If it hasn’t gone up, review your weak areas again, take detailed notes, and watch the related videos again.

While there is repetition involved, it will help you feel more confident on test day! Your career and ability to earn your social work license both depend on understanding the material in the real test.

Are You Ready for the ASWB Exam?

Check out our pre-test checklist here and ensure you are ready to PASS on test day!


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About the Instructor, Meagan Mitchell: Meagan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been providing individualized and group test prep for the ASWB for over five years. From all of this experience helping others pass their exams, she created the Agents of Change course to help you prepare for and pass the ASWB exam!

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