Pre-Test Checklist for BSW, LMSW, and LCSW ASWB Exams

Pre-Test Checklist for BSW, LMSW, and LCSW ASWB Exams

Have you completed your studies for your BSW, LMSW, or LCSW ASWB exam, but want to double-check that you’ve done everything you can to prepare? Use this checklist from Agents of Change to check off the items you need to complete to give yourself the best chance of passing!

Please note: You’ll only be able to complete some of these checklist items if you are an Agents of Change student.  You can learn more about the Agents of Change program and get your free trial here.

I have reviewed all of the AOC course videos and materials in order and I have taken notes on the sections. If time allowed, I have completed the course a second time to review the content more extensively.
I have viewed the previously recorded AOC study groups and focused on the session topics where I needed the most support.  
I have read the Code of Ethics in full at least (2) times. This includes taking notes and understanding how to address ethical dilemmas. 
I have supplemented my AOC study materials with at least (1) additional source (ASWB Practice Test, Apgar Book, TDC, Pocket Prep, etc.)
I have taken at least (1) full-length mock exam and I feel confident in my performance. Agents of Change HIGHLY suggests taking the ASWB Practice Exam and utilizing this resource as a study tool. 
I have a strategy for approaching application and reasoning questions on test day (FIRST, MOST, BEST questions). If you need more practice, please review the 5 W’s Breaking Down Questions, and Setting Specific Social Work videos. 
I have reviewed the KSA document for my exam level and understand what can be expected in each content area. 
I know where and when my testing appointment is and what documents I need to be granted admission to the exam site. 
I have a plan if I start to feel anxious, overwhelmed, or experience self-doubt during the exam to keep my mind clear and my body grounded. 
I have a plan for how I will utilize the whiteboard that is provided for me at the testing site. 


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A little bit about me: I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have been providing individualized and group test prep for the ASWB for over five years. From all of this experience helping others pass their exams, I have created a course to help you prepare for and pass the ASWB exam!

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