The Importance of Study Groups for Your ASWB Preparation

The Importance of Study Groups for Your ASWB Preparation

The importance of study groups when preparing for your BSW, LMSW, or LCSW ASWB exams, should not be overlooked! After all, the field of social work relies on elements of social interaction to foster effective and empathetic solutions to complex issues. Working with others is another tool that can help you to grow and develop as a practitioner later.

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Don’t skip your social work study group – here’s what you should know!

The Value of Study Groups

There are distinct advantages and skills involved when studying in a group, which will serve you well as a social worker later in your career as well. There is a sense of accountability when working with other people; certainly, you do not want to let your peers- in this case, group members- down.

Some of the intrinsic values of a study group include the following:

Curbs Procrastination

Study groups have been shown to reduce procrastination. Again, it may relate to the accountability of working with others to reach common goals. For instance, if the members of an LMSW study group are relying on you for progress, you may be more inclined to be prompt.

Hastens Learning

Studies show that when you learn in groups with others, you often learn faster. There is a type of reinforcement that comes with having fellow members of a group- but more on that next!

Reinforces Information

When you work in a group, such as an LCSW study group or other ASWB study group, there are students picking up on points you may have missed. This helps reinforce information and optimize your study time.

Sharpens Skills

Working with others may help enlighten you to new practices or other study methods that enhance and sharpen your own skill-sets. Consider this a chance to add to your toolbox!

Offers Solidarity

There is a sense of solidarity that comes from working in groups toward common objectives. For example, everyone in an LMSW study group can empathize and share common experiences with one another, often creating a fellowship and loyalty of sorts.

Improves Socialization

We are social workers, after all! Working in groups- both macro and micro- is going to lend itself to our chosen career path. Socializing in diverse groups, including study and test prep groups, is excellent clinical practice!

The Potential Impact of Study Groups

While all study groups are not the same, there are ways to enhance and optimize progress, productivity, and time spent with the other group members.

Create an effective study group with these tips:

  • Identify and accommodate your own unique learning style. We are all different and knowing how we learn best can prevent hiccups later. Social learners may adapt with ease to study groups while solitary learners may need more encouragement.
  • Show respect to the other members by being prepared for the group.
  • Try to stay on topic and organized during the group. A group chair or leader can be a helpful idea to keep the group on task for prolonged periods.
  • Draft a syllabus. An outline can be a helpful tool that keeps the group moving forward, covering the major points of the exam.
  • Be open to input from all members. Respect each other’s opinions. The study group can be compared to a kind of microcosm- similar to real work situations you will encounter in the industry later.

The meeting place can make or break a study group. Central locations that can accommodate study groups may be tough to find, except on-campus. Talk to professors or coworkers about potential sites. There are also online study resources available- sound intriguing? Keep reading to learn more!

The ASWB Test Prep Study Groups

So, what are your options when looking for ASWB test prep study groups? Sign up for two live study groups each month with Agents of Change. We bring years of experience to the table when it comes to test preparation for the Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical level ASWB exams.

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Study groups are key to your success- and integral to passing your ASWB test. Visit Agents of Change, an EdTech platform helping social workers and practitioners get ready for their licensing exam. Social workers in the US and Canada can optimize their test prep with study groups and resources found from Agents of Change- study groups can make the difference for you, too.

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