Top YouTube Channels for Social Work Continuing Education

Top YouTube Channels for Social Work Continuing Education

Over the years, YouTube has grown into a valuable platform for education and professional development. And for those in Social Work, it’s a goldmine!

Looking for resources to continue your education and earn CEUs? We got you covered. This article will showcase the Top YouTube Channels for Social Work Continuing Education. So, grab a comfy chair, a hot cup of coffee, and let’s dive right in!

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1) Agents of Change: Your Go-To for CEUs

If there was ever a channel that understood the needs of social workers, it’s Agents of Change.

  • Why it’s worth a watch?
    • Tailored Content: From ethical considerations to the latest in therapy techniques, they have a video for just about every topic you could imagine.
    • Quality Assurance: Every video is curated by professionals. No fluff, just straight-up valuable info!
    • Easy CEUs: That’s right! Not only do they offer top-notch content, but they also provide opportunities to earn CEUs, some of which are free.
  • Must-Check Links from Agents of Change:
    1. Continuing Education YouTube Playlist: A curated list of their best videos tailored for continuing education.
    2. 5 Free CEUs from Agents of Change
    3. Continuing Education Blog: For those who prefer reading or want a deep dive into specific topics, this blog is full of valuable insights.

More Than Just Videos: A Holistic Learning Hub

Agents of Change extends its commitment to education beyond YouTube. Their Continuing Education Blog is a treasure trove of articles, case studies, and resources. And if you’re on the hunt for CEUs, their offering of 5 Free CEUs is for you. Finally, their curated Continuing Education YouTube Playlist ensures you don’t have to trawl through the entire channel to find CEU-focused content.

A Community Feel

The world of Social Work can sometimes feel isolating, especially when navigating challenging cases. Agents of Change has built a community of more than 15,000 Social Workers, where professionals from around the world share experiences, offer insights, and provide support.

Agents of Change Continuing Education offers Unlimited Access to 150+ CE courses for one low annual fee to meet your state’s requirements for Continuing Education credits.

2) Other Noteworthy YouTube Channels

While Agents of Change is the leader in the YouTube world of Social Work education, there are other interesting channels. Let’s shine a spotlight on a couple of them:

  • UBuffalo Social Work:
    • Channel Link: UBuffalo Social Work
    • What’s it About?: Representing the University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work, this channel is a hub of academic excellence. The channel features lectures from renowned professors, discussions on contemporary social issues, and real-world insights. UBuffalo’s channel is a must-visit for anyone seeking a blend of theory and practice.
  • Rutgers School of Social Work:
    • Channel Link: Rutgers School of Social Work
    • Dive into: Rutgers, with its esteemed reputation in the academic world, brings its A-game to YouTube. From comprehensive panel discussions to student experiences and innovative research findings, this channel ensures you’re not just learning, but evolving as a Social Work professional.

These channels, much like Agents of Change, emphasize the power of digital platforms in reshaping how we approach continuing education in the world of Social Work. They showcase a perfect blend of academic rigor, practical insights, and engaging content, making them worthy additions to any social worker’s YouTube subscription list.

3) Making the Most of Your YouTube Learning Experience

Setting Up a Study Environment

You might be thinking, “It’s just a video, right?”. However, setting up the right environment can make a world of difference.

  • Minimize Distractions: Find a quiet space and put that phone on silent (unless you’re watching on it, of course!)
  • Take Notes: Yeah, like in school! Jot down important points or ideas you might want to revisit later.
  • Engage with Content: Drop a comment, join a discussion, or even reach out to the content creator for further insights.

Watch, Re-watch, and Reflect

Remember, the key isn’t just to watch, but to understand. Sometimes, that might mean hitting the replay button or pausing to ponder over a particularly intriguing concept.

4) FAQs – YouTube for Social Work CEUs

Q: What distinguishes YouTube as a viable platform for Social Work continuing education?

A: YouTube offers a unique blend of accessibility, flexibility, and variety that few other platforms can match. For Social Workers with varying schedules and commitments, YouTube allows for on-demand learning, enabling professionals to tune in whenever convenient.

Additionally, the platform boasts a mix of content, ranging from bite-sized tutorials to full-fledged lectures, catering to different learning preferences. The interactive features, like comments and live chats, also provide an opportunity for community engagement and peer learning.

Q: How do I ensure that the content I’m watching on YouTube is reliable and updated?

A: A good rule of thumb is to stick to channels affiliated with recognized institutions, professional organizations, or experienced professionals in the field. Channels like Agents of Change, UBuffalo Social Work, and Rutgers School of Social Work, for instance, are known for their commitment to excellence. Always check the video’s date to ensure the content is current. Additionally, reading the video description, viewer comments, and any associated links can give you a good sense of the content’s credibility and relevance.

Q: Are there any tips for optimizing my YouTube learning experience for social work continuing education?

A: First, create a dedicated playlist or “Watch Later” list to organize videos that cater to your continuing education needs. Engage with the content by leaving comments or questions and participating in discussions.

Utilize the video speed settings if you wish to pace the content to your preference. Finally, consider coupling your video learning with supplementary resources such as blogs, research papers, and online forums.

5) Conclusion

Continuing education is no longer confined to traditional classroom settings or costly seminars. Channels like Agents of Change, UBuffalo Social Work, and Rutgers School of Social Work stand as beacons, guiding professionals through the vast sea of information available.

They not only offer insights, expertise, and valuable CEUs but also foster a sense of community and collaboration, aspects intrinsic to the very ethos of Social Work. It’s an exciting era for social work professionals, where opportunities to evolve and excel are just a click away.

Learn more about Agents of Change Continuing Education. We’ve helped thousands of Social Workers with their Continuing Education and want you to be next!


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About the Instructor, Meagan Mitchell: Meagan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been providing Continuing Education for Social Workers for more than 8 years. From all of this experience helping others pass their exams, she created Agents of Change Continuing Education to help Social Workers stay up-to-date on the latest trends, research, and techniques.

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