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Case Presentations and the ASWB Exam (Including Templates!)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on case presentations and their importance in the ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) licensing exam! As a Social Worker, you’ll often find yourself presenting cases to your peers, supervisors, and other professionals to discuss

Mastering Clinical Social Work Interventions for the ASWB Exam

Choosing a career in Social Work means committing yourself to a journey of empathy, understanding, and an extensive knowledge of clinical interventions that serve as the backbone of effective support for individuals, families, and communities. One crucial step along this

Case Management and the ASWB Exam

Welcome to our guide on mastering Case Management for the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Social Work licensing exam! Understanding Case Management is an essential skill set and knowledge area that helps Social Workers empower clients and address their

Erik Erikson and the ASWB Exam

As a cornerstone of modern Social Work, Erik Erikson’s theories on psychosocial development are important as you prepare to take the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) licensing exams. This blog post will provide a focused examination of the key

Happy Social Work Month 2023 from Agents of Change!

March is Social Work Month We’re incredibly excited at Agents of Change to wish you a Happy Social Work Month! This year, the theme is “Social Work Breaks Barriers” and we look forward to helping you break barriers in your

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HIV, AIDS, and the ASWB Exam

The world of Social Work is diverse and expansive, much like the challenges it seeks to address. One particular challenge that continues to test the mettle of Social Workers worldwide is the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis. This crisis is not merely

Domestic Violence and the ASWB Exam

If you’re prepping for the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) exam, you’re likely knee-deep in study guides, flashcards, and practice tests, meticulously combing through potential exam material. And rightly so! This examination is a pivotal milestone in a Social

Team Dynamics: Supervision and Consultation with Social Work Colleagues

In the diverse field of Social Work, two key components play a pivotal role in shaping an effective professional: Supervision and consultation with colleagues. These twin pillars facilitate continuous learning, promote professional development, and foster a collaborative environment. This article

Embracing Wholeness: Gestalt Therapy and the ASWB Exam

Welcome to the world of Gestalt Therapy and the ASWB exam, where the realms of therapeutic exploration and Social Work examination intersect! In this article, we will dive into the principles of Gestalt Therapy and explore how this holistic approach