90 Day Waiver for ASWB Exam – How to Apply

90 Day Waiver for ASWB Exam – How to Apply

What is the 90 Day Exam Waiver?

The 90 day exam waiver provides ASWB test-takers who narrowly failed the exam the opportunity to test again in a shorter period of time, so they can better retain their knowledge.

Why Apply for the 90 Day Waiver?

If you were close to passing and you believe that testing again sooner than the 90-day waiting period would be beneficial, you should apply for the waiver.

I’m Not Sure I Want to Apply……

The decision to test again sooner than 90 days is a personal one. Some people want to test again right away while others prefer to take time to reset, practice self-care, and wait. Everyone has different circumstances. Self-reflect and determine what works best for you.

Who Can Apply for the 90 Day Waiver?

  • If you failed your ASWB exam (Bachelors, Masters, or Clinical) by 10 or fewer questions, you are eligible to apply. THIS IS A NEW UPDATE!
  • If you failed by more than 10 questions, you will need to wait 90 days to test again.

Note: Not all states and provinces allow this waiting period to be waived. Check with your state to determine 90 day waiver eligibility.

How Do You Apply for the 90 Day Waiver?

  • You can apply directly on the ASWB website: bit.ly/90daywaiver
  • In your waiver request (3-5 sentences), be sure to include if your job is at risk or a promotion is being held up by your need to pass the exam. Provide a concise but honest answer as to why you are requesting the waiver.

Common Waiver Misconceptions

  • Misconception: “If I get approved, I don’t have to take the exam again”
    • False! Even if you fail by one point, a waiver approval still means you need to take the exam again: The waiver is not an “override” of a failure by the ASWB.
  • Misconception: “I have to get a letter from my employer to get a waiver”
    • False! This is not required, but a letter from your employer could help make a stronger case.
  • Misconception: “If I get approved, I don’t have to pay to take the test again”
    • False! You still need to pay to take the test again if your waiver is approved.
  • Misconception: “A waiver means the ASWB will re-score my test”
    • False! A waiver does not mean your test will be re-evaluated or re-scored.
  • Misconception: “I already know the information. If I get approved, I shouldn’t change up my studying and just sit for the test again”
    • False! You should use your exam score sheet to guide what areas to strengthen. Tweak your studying so you can make your next attempt a success!

You Are Your Own Best Advocate!

Advocate for yourself and make sure to express why you need the 90 day waiver!

Do you think you may need accommodations too? Check out our video on that topic!


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